Soon Charge Your Mobile Through Towers

Tired of recharging your cell phones again and again? Fed-up of recharging your cell phones during a long call? Don’t worry. Nokia will soon introduce in the market handsets with different technology that does not require charging of the cell phones in a traditional ways as we do it now.

Power Through Towers

nokia tower recharge

The technology that is being developed by Nokia will draw power from ambient radio waves to keep you talking without the fear of low battery. It is the technology of converting ambient electromagnetic radiation emitted from Wi-Fi transmitters, cell-phone antennas, TV masts, and other such sources into electrical current to keep a battery of your cell phones topped up.

This technology will be able to harvest up to 50 milliwatts of power, which is enough to slowly recharge a switched off phone.

Nokia has derived this technology from the principles of a crystal radio set or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. It converts electromagnetic waves into an electrical signal.

Nokia is researching deeply on amplifying the power that will be generated through radio waves. It is in fact putting focus on harvesting many different frequencies so that the handset can capture signals from 500 megahertz to 10 gigahertz. This range can encompass several radio communication signals.

What Others Say

Joshua Smith of Intel says that 50 milliwatts requires about 1,000 strong signals. He further says that an antenna being capable of picking such a wide range of frequencies may cause loss of efficiency along the way.

Harry Ostaffe, head of marketing for Pittsburgh-based company Powercast said that getting 50 milliwatts seems to be a lot.

Powercast sells a system that recharges sensors from a distance of 15 meters through the help of radio signal.

If Nokia is successful in developing this technology then it will be one of the most necessary cell phone for all of us. Well, keep reading and keep commenting.

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