New Layer of Security for Google Apps Premier and Education Editions

Google had added a new layer of security for the administrators of Premier Edition of Google Apps. This feature gives more control for the admin over the passwords chosen by the users. All these additional security measures will ensure that only authorized users are accessing the information from Google Apps services like Google Docs, Google Calendar etc.


With this new enhanced security features Google Apps administrators will be able to set a minimum password length and view the password strength indicators to identify sufficiently long passwords that may still not be strong enough. This will help the Admins to suggest his users to choose more secure passwords. Though this feature will not have any direct effect on the end users it will definitely help them to keep their data secure with strong passwords.

Administrators of Premier and Education Editions can now access these features from the administrative control panel under ‘Advanced Tools‘ > ‘Advanced Password Settings‘. It would have been better if they had provided this feature for Free editions also.

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