Relaince Mobile Users Get Free Videos Very Soon

Reliance Communications, one of the giant mobile and Network Company in India is now with its new mobile Hot News. The news is that Reliance Communications is joining its hand with a British company to provide free video content to the reliance subscribes. The CDMA major is now launching its GSM mobile service across our country in a stage by stage manner. The Reliance Communications have already introduced its GSM mobile service in metro places like Mumbai, Punjab and Rajasthan. The feedback for this mobile service is also which made them to increase the subscription.


Reliance Communications collaborated with Britain-based value-added services provider Swanbaymtech to televise free video content on Reliance handsets in an advertisement-supported model. I guess the free videos will contain some ads in the beginning and the end. Though this would help them to get revenue, Reliance should be aiming BIG by launching this service. The free video content will have its outstanding video quality up till now which is not experienced by any other mobile users. This applications makes many mobile fans to buy this mobile models to experience the high quality videos for free.

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