Facebook Looks Pretty Good With the New Style, Features & Design

All in the news after the survey, a huge number of comments, requests, suggestion from around 600,000 users of the familiar social networking site Facebook finally made a overhauling in design, appearance persistent. The one such new thing is external applications from third party are now can be easily integrated and with change in the wall. Time to say bye to the old version since all 100 million users of Facebook did the same thing recently which is total upgrade of site and reportedly final upgrade from them.

This was in the talk and was no surprise for user to soon have a new look and the promise which was a clue from them was done from this California based innovation. It first made a remark in the month of July 2008 about their intention to make its users feel good with a new and simpler design to the site. Mark Zuckerberg founder of Face book and youngest millionaire of world said that it was on a roll to do so since May and done many attempts, tests on users feedback on it by making them use it for a while. It was first test on a small scale later made the change to entire base of users.

With a very simplified user experience now they can have much control over their profile than ever before. This gives more scope for the users to share among them whether its information or others and they did so by motivating them to do it. With many inputs in its redesign based with many suggestions, feedback from about one lakh users and recently was reported to have been checked out about the design by over 30 million users which is incredible.

Majority of the features and capabilities are in final version before. Despite bug reports, criticism, good and bad feedback, queries they did it well. The profile boxes have been moved and you can integrate third party applications. The forum called Wall meant to post videos, articles, comments and other similar content is also redesigned which now displays user details in a chronological order of appearance. On the wall tab there exists a publisher feature which makes users to easily post content than before and also does the same with friend’s profiles without any need for them to return back and then post it.

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