Everyone’s Shares Are Down even Apple’s With Fall of NASDAQ and Dow Jones

A 17% fall in Apple’s shares recently took place on 29th September,08. Everybody else too saw the falling of their shares on 29th September,08. It didn’t matter what the business was but everybody’s shares did take a small or big fall following the NASDAQ and Dow Jones.

The $700 billion emergency bailout failed to pass the House on 29th September,08 which was one of the badly hit trading day in Wall Street ever since 9/11. 800 points were lost by the Dow Jones which was its personal worst ever.

There will be a profound influence all over the world by the financial crisis that took place in U.S. Major manufacturers in the mobile business other than Apple have seen considerable fall in the share price. Major manufacturing companies like Nokia, Google, Microsoft, HP, Dell and many others will be banking on those coming up with a solution. The voting result were quite close i.e. 228 against it and 205 for. But we have to wait and see what tomorrow beholds for us.

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