ASUS N10 – Netbook for Gaming

The trends in Mobile computers have be impressive and surprising to when it comes to capabilities and pricing. This time I had got a hands-on on a new netbook from ASUS called the ASUS N10 which is first of its kind netbook basically meant for Gaming. May sound strange since you have devices like PSP,XBOX and many other for this use. This innovation is from the notebook manufacturing division of ASUS and not from PC making division so you can definitely expect high end features in probably every single aspect of it.


The specifications are good and upto the mark as promised by them particularly when it comes to the hardware required for high definition gaming experiences in all parameters. The notable features include the card called ExpressCard/43 slot and also the nVidia GeoForce 9300M graphics that can switched.

When it comes to the price in United state the orders place in prior need are priced at $600 which is supposed to be nearly same as the Eee PC 1000 in this case. To be mentioned that N10 looks much a like of a Laptop than a netbook when it comes to overall rating. So the first portable gaming device cum a net book will be from ASUS so if you are a game addict with interest to buy a laptop then this could be a smart choice since it serves both of your needs. Its ASUS so you can expect some good thing in it.

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