Apple iPhone Business Applications from Oracle, Sybase, SAP, Salesforce and Zoho

Apple iPhone is really very crazy among people these days. Many people are talking about the Apple iPhone at least once in a day. There are many applications that are been developed for the iPhone. Many companies are also developing business-oriented applications for the iPhone users. Most of the applications are developed by small companies and third-party business groups.

Oracle, Sybase, SAP and all other major companies have released Apple iPhone 3G business apps that allow iPhone users to access some of their application functionalities. These applications can be found at the App Store. Gartner, the research company states, that the Apple iPhone 3G “does not deliver sufficient security for custom applications.”Hence, those businesses that wish to deploy apps shall have to bear with this low security.

Some of the top business applications for Apple iPhone

Oracle Business Indicators : Oracle released a tool to draw reports and analytics from your business intelligence (BI) servers.

Sybase iAnywhere Mobile Office : You can use this application to connect to company e-mail server, based on Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange platforms. Offline e-mail access is also supported with this application. This application will be very useful for your employee’s.

SAP : SAP released it’s iPhone version of a sales force automation suite. You can use this application to load business contacts, information on sales prospects and account data onto your Apple iPhone. CRM product : Salesforce released a CRM product which will help you to connect users to their CRM records. You can easily search and view contacts and accounts present in your records.

CRM vendors like NetSuite and SugarCRM are offering Web-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) versions of their products and services. Online office suite Zoho is planning to launch a mobile version of its productivity suite for the iPhone which includes spreadsheets, word editor and e-mail programs.

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