Transcend JetFlash V70 – Anti-Shock USB Flash Drive

Transcend JetFlash V70

Transcend JetFlash V70 : Robust Flash Storage

Transcend, one of the market leaders in storage and memory technology, has come out with all new JetFlash V70. This new USB Flash Drive has a durable eco-friendly rubber covering which makes it very tough and robust, enabling it to survive any shocks, dirt or any water splash. JetFlash V70 meets the gruelling U.S. military drop-test standards, making it one of the most robust USB Flash Drives available. 

Transcend’s Stylish USB Flash Drive

The JetFlash V70 comes in attractive bright color schemes with a stylish streamlined look to match its ruggedness and durability. An added feature is its special tethered cap holder prevents it from getting lost whenever it is removed from the drive while it is plugged into a computer or a laptop.  

Transcend’s JetFlash V70 Rugged USB Flash Drive is a great storage device that is currently available in 16GB, 8GB and 4GB capacities. 16GB comes in Red, 8GB in Orange and 4GB in Purple colour.

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