USBsyncer – Synchronize Data on Your Hard Disk With Your USB Drive

USBsyncer is a little synchronization tool for Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating system that can make the contents in the folder or a drive synchronize with a folder on the USB removable drive. Unfortunately the synchronization is possible only from one side that is from hard disk to the Removable disk. It means you can copy from the Hard disk of your PC to folders in your External USB drive. The other way of synchronization from USB to Hard disk is not supported(There are working on it).

How is it useful to you? If your USB has viruses then this program makes those changes other than your file transfer invalid. So next time you insert your USB you need not fear of your PC getting effected. It has an interface but needs almost no inputs and works with minimum user intervention to it.

All you need to do is choose the source location on the hard drive and the destination folder on the USB removable disk. Rest of the things are taken care by it so it makes things easier for you. To be noted that all the contents if any in the folder of USB exists then all those are removed completely before the transfer begins. Though it has few drawbacks since it is available in beta version this USBsyncer is a good pick. Some of problems are explained in detail in the help manual file and they are occurring during installation but does not interrupt your work.

Here are some situations where you will find USBsyncer useful:

  • Suppose you have an iPod, and you want to listen to podcasts with it. You can use USBsyncer to copy the folder where you store the podcasts to your MP3 player. This way you’ll always have the latest tracks in your iPod.
  • You can scan your important meeting data and keep it updated on your USB stick. You can use USBsyncer to do that.
  • If you are using Firefox/Thunderbird Portable, then you can use USBsyncer to synchronize your local bookmarks/cookies/etc.

Download USBsyncer

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