RunMimic – Handy Tool When Run and Task Manager is Disabled

In case you do use Win + R and when a machine with a crippled explorer interface comes to you then you must be getting irritated. Now no longer shall you have to get annoyed with the RunMimic around. It shall help you in overcoming such troublesome issue. This 21k portable executable looks quite similar to the regular Windows run box and its functions are too similar. But it cannot remember what you had entered in the earlier sessions. The other Big downside is that it requires .Net Framework 2.0.

With this RunMimic, all of the commands that are usually required worked without a hitch: services.msc, compmgmt.msc, control, appwiz.cpl, regedt32, cmd. There was no problem by RunMimic in getting Explorer access to the network file shares. A Windows Run Box can be obtained by RunMimic even if the Run & Task Manager are Disabled.

This been portable can be kept on the USB in case of emergencies. RunMimic is not a program which can be regular use but then you do always need to “Be prepared.”

Download RunMimic

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