QuadroLog – Free Catalogue Software With Excel Backend

If you are looking for a free catalogue software program then I suggest you to use QuadroLog. Microsoft Excel is used by QuadroLog in turn to store and load data for viewing records. QuadroLog is a common catalogue software program by which loading and viewing of graphic images, similar to Windows Media Player is possible. You can easily create a database by creating a spreadsheet with your preferred columns.

Records can be added and edited with the help of QuadroLog without directly modify the spreadsheet. Your reports can be furthered designed and generated. QuadroLog has a very small footprint and can easily be extended to work on network between several computers. It is highly portable.

With the help of QuadroLog you can easily create your DVD movie catalogue. QuadroLog supports jpg or gif images. You can add new records, edit, grop, sort and delete them. The Report Wizard toll will be very useful to take your own customized reports.

Features of QuadroLog

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Dynamic user defined collections
  • Weblinks per record supported
  • Graphical record images supported
  • Options to add, delete and edit records
  • Highly Customized Report Generator
  • Easily Customizable
  • Can be used over Network
  • Free to Download and Use

Download QuadroLog

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