PhotoWipe – Image Processing Tool to Remove Unwanted Objects

We often do mistakes when taking pictures using cameras since we are not professionals (Sorry if you are a professional !). But these mistakes can caught hold of and can be rectified by using Photowipe. Several times I was able to get a perfect photograph after a series of attempts. For all such things you do have Photoshop which is really a fantastic software from Adobe. The only complication is that it takes some time to learn it and it is not basically meant for wide range of users(like me), mainly because of countless capabilities and high price. So as an alternative I found this little application sized only 1.5 MB available which is available for Free; called Photowipe. This handy tool is developed by Hanov solutions and is basically a photo editor that mainly enables you to clear the parts of the picture you want to remove.

PhotoWipe is easy to learn and use with simplicity as its strength. All you need to do is open the image you want to edit, using a different sized brushes and paint the parts of the pictures you want take off using black color. Eraser is provided so that you can make corrections for any kind of errors you incur. You can also make use of the preview option to verify your editing done on it and once you are satisfied with it you can save the image as a new file. This one is good tool when it comes to making minor editings and manipulations to the images. So do not expect it to do some mind blowing things.

Download PhotoWipe

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