Organize Your Bookmarks Easily With TrayURL

I have really many problems with my Bookmarks. I was not able to organize them properly. So I was searching for a software which will help me to organize my Bookmarks. After a while I found TrayURL. TrayURL is a portable bookmarking application. It is very simple and fast. I downloaded and used it. It worked pretty good. You can arrange your Bookmarks in different categories. When you minimize, TrayURL sits in the System tray and you can use it whenever you need your bookmarked URL’s. You can have all your favorite bookmarks at one place and you can access them at your fingertips. The application works with many browsers. You can even copy it to your Flash Drive and use it.

The new version supports website Logins and passwords. You can do this with the “paster” utility. many import and export features are also added. You can directly use the application and it doesn’t depend on any of your system files. It works with Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2K/XP and Vista. The application supports multiple users with different configuration files. You can have 50 categories with 80 bookmarks per category. It is working fine on my Vista laptop. You can also give it a try and comment about your experience.

Download it Here


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