Optimize Your Computer Memory With CleanMem Free Utility

Against the convention and belief of most of the computer and technology experts about the memory optimization softwares available in the market CleanMem is working well on my machine. This has so much to do ever since memory tools were packed from Windows 95 and so on. Which used to make users believe that they cleared the memory but infact it was transferred to the virtual memory. (For your information the virtual memory is a section of hard disk that is allocated for this purpose. Much similar to a Pagefile in Windows.)

Unlike this case CleanMem ensures efficient use of memory resources of your system. This tool does not use the false approach based on virtual memory mentioned above. Instead it will make use of an API provided by windows to reduce the memory consumption with no kind of interference with respect to performance of the operating system. CleanMem is one such tool available for almost all of the windows versions (Both for 32 bit and 64 bit versions).

The tool will make itself available automatically in the windows task scheduler and you can access it later by just typing CleanMem at the command prompt and that’s it; the job is done for you. It’s basic working principle is it cleans the data out of the memory of those applications that are idle for the moment. It just removes all safe unused memory. It has option to exclude and include the list of applications you want to consider and manage using this memory optimizer. So you can either be selective or include all. It is completely FREE.

Download CleanMem

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