Opera browser 9.6 beta 1 With Speed Enhancement, Feed Preview and Link it

With the pre release version, Opera is counting great about its critical release of Opera 9.60. The pre release was meant for the bug fixes and for enthusiasts like you. If you are an ethusiast then you can take a look at the new version.

There are quite new features that you can expect with the new version. There are features like “Link it”, “Feed Preview” and “Speed Enhancement”. With feature of feeds the browser will be able to display the RSS Feeds using a two column section dedicated to it. However there is nothing new and more about it since it is already available with most of the browsers.

In addition they are extending the capabilities of the Opera link synchronize to the website addressed you type in the address bar. This when used in mini version of Opera will make it more productive as it reduces the need to type the URL again on mobile devices. Other enhancements are mainly related to the OperaMail feature and one such feature is low bandwidth setting that makes opera mail to use less bandwidth to the extent it can possible do

Other features in OperaMail are it displays the attachment based messages on demand and news messages immediately when it comes to IMAP. You can easily detect and identify useful messages using the follow ignore option for threads and messages. For flat view you can go to the thread directly using the Go to Thread option which displays only those messages related to the thread.

So I feel there are more and more changes coming from Opera with their latest releases.

Download Opera 9.60b1 for Windows

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