NotePro – Create and Edit Your Documents Very Easily

Got fed up by using Notepad and Wordpad which are basic and with almost no functionality? Then you have NotePro, a simple application relatively less complex when compared to word processors and good for those who use editors frequently. It is a solution for people who do not need complicated full fledged word processing applications and at the same time not satisfied with simple apps like notepad. You can create and save the documents in Word Format, Rich Text Format and HTML format using this editor. You can open multiple documents at a time using Notepro.

To be clear it stands between the features of complex and low end word based applications. It gives you total control over the appearance of the text. Any TrueType font on your system is supported and you can set all the respective attributes as you like. Text can be colored or even you can have the background filled. You can change the size, Alignment, Superscript or subscript easily using Onscreen options. Similar to MS word you have a feature of custom styles which lets you set Font, Size, Weight and other attributes more flexibly.

As a value addition it even has a spell checker. Might sound whats new with this? It eliminates the need for you to install the total MS Office or any Office based application for such simple features. So it draws a striking line between the need for huge size application and one with little features like Notepad.

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