Norton Internet Security 2009 With Antivirus, Spyware protection, Identity protection, Antiphishing & Parental Controls

Norton Internet Security 2009 is a very good Internet Security Tool. The new version Includes main capabilities like Antivirus, Spyware protection, Identity protection, Antiphishing, Bot protection, Web site authentication, OS and application protection, Parental Controls & confidential information blocking, Antispam and many others. Symantec claim to send the latest updates every 15 minutes. It has got a Insight technology which targets only those files at risk. So you don’t actually waste your time scanning all the files. The new version Installs in less than one minute on an average and requires less than 7 MB of memory. The Real time Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response prevents Bots from controlling your PC.

With more speed and new technologies to handle clean files the Norton Internet Security 2009 has a technical support for free. In spite of free telephone based support it indirectly forces its users to go for paid technical support due to lack of proper support. It does win over the hearts of all even those who are against Symantec products and all its critics mainly due to its good technologies employed for protection. After a pretty long time, listening to its users the company has given out a much refined and faster version for 2009. This was a response to the threats and dissatisfaction due to existing product for Internet security needs of the firms.

This lighter version has a unique feature to have clean files to be marked as trusted making them usual and away from scan unless changes are made to them. There are issues like inadequate knowledge base, user manual and no use of free support. Sized 58 MB the build can be downloaded and when tried installed it took just a minute probably because of its own installer while the old ones has Microsoft based. The software will be on the go on Vista and XP without any need to reboot the system and this happens in a minute exactly as mentioned by them.

The predecessor leaves some license information when uninstalled while this one has option to uninstall completely. It interprets a graph for system resources status and those used by Norton. Recovery disk feature is again in the game after almost a decade. It scored well compared to all anti virus applications for windows systems. It does test itself using real antivirus. Antispyware when test is not so impressive at all. It addressed the major security issues and surprised the folks with its build which is sleek and better speed, performance with a range of tools to use with an odd-side of poor technical support.

You can Download it Here

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