MRTG(Multi Router Traffic Grapher) – Monitor Your Network Traffic

Do you want to know the traffic details of your Router? Then you can install MRTG(Multi Router Traffic Grapher) to get a detailed report about you network traffic. MRTG can be used to generate graphs and report showing the traffic that has passed through all your interfaces. You can use MRTG for all your network devices like weather data and others.

MRTG generates HTML reports which contains PNG images to provide you a LIVE visual representation of your network traffic. It is highly portable and works on many Unix platforms as well as on Windows NT. MRTG is written in Perl and you can even get the full source code. MRTG keeps a log of all the data it had captured from the Router. So you can easily get all your past data. With the help of MRTG you can monitor Login Sessions, System Load and many more. MRTG is a free software licensed under the Gnu GPL.

To Install and Run MRTG you need Perl to be installed on your machine.

Download MRTG(Multi Router Traffic Grapher)

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