Mount ZIP, ISO, and Private Folder Files as Virtual Folders with Pismo File Mount Audit Package

This file mount application from Pismo will help you to mount files like ZIP or one as CD images into folders. Apart from this you can make them to be secure by defining them as read only otherwise read write files. So what? there will be no need to later burn these files into CD in order to use them as any other ordinary files in case of a CD image, directly use the files from folder in case of ZIP files without extracting them with compression/decompression tools. In situations where you want to retain the content whether its video or any other media at the same time use them. It does have many other capabilities along with the mounting files options.

If a zip file has contents which need to be accessed then with this tool you can not only read them as a normal file but also execute or run them like any other executable file. This works as a result of Zip file reader embedded in the Pismo tool. On the other hand this makes you to unable to write on to the zip files later if you want to do so. CD images with forms like ISO, DAA and many others can be mounted as virtual folders using this software. Once done you can access and use the CD image as a file which you access from a CD using the drive. So this eliminates the need for you to buy a CD and get it burned with image.

It provides lot of Options at the time of mounting them which enable you to access the files or tune the visibility etc. You can even create folders that are encrypted and keep them private, in this case file are kept in a compressed container with encryption. Just click file and select new private folder option from the menu and enter the password for it, you are done with it the sensitive data is secure now. Provide that password to access that file later. However private folders can be moved and copied from one system to other but are locked like any other folders. With administrator permissions you can select the drive letter and map the folder to the drives. Choose the letter never used before from the drop down menu, also provided with an alternative way of doing it. Download and install the software, easy to use, low memory sized.

You can also use the PFM Developer Kit to support new file systems. The PFM Development Kit allows developers to build formatters for PFMAP, to enable new virtual file systems and to add support for new file formats. The kit also can be used to integrate PFM into 3rd party applications. You can design third party applications to control the mounting and unmounting of files. You can also allow applications to create virtual file systems for internal or external use. The development kit supports development in C and C++, and in the various CLR/.NET languages including C# and Visual Basic.

You can Download the Software Here

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  1. I recommend another great tool, It can do what pismo do, also it can do what pismo couldn’t do.

    Winmount( is a powerful windows utility which is dedicated to managing files and disks impressively and conveniently. WinMount supports compressing files to MOU RAR ZIP 7Z, decompressing and browsing MOU ZIP RAR CAB ARJ ISO GZ BZ2 TAR WIM files.

    WinMount can mount MOU RAR ZIP to a virtual disk or a local folder, which enabling you to use the files inside directly without extraction, saves your time and disk space dramatically.

    WinMount is also an image tool, supports mounting ISO ISZ BIN MDS/MDF NRG IMG CCD CUE to virtual DVD-ROM, supports mounting FLAC, APE, WV, WAVE to virtual CD-ROM, supports mounting VHD, VDI, VMDK, WMT, Microsoft WIM, and folder as a HDD virtual disk.

    In addition, WinMount can create a new blank RAM-disk, size from 64M to 4G, data will be lost when restart.

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