KiTTy – Free and Portable SSH/Telnet Client for Windows

Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that can be used to transfer data between two network devices using a secure channel. KiTTy is a free SSH client for windows. It is a fork from the popular SSH client PuTTy. There are many features which made me to suggest KiTTy.

Features of KiTTy

  • Sessions filter – Ability to manage Multiple Sessions
  • Portability – You can save the configurations in an INI file(Create kitty.ini in the same folder)
  • Ability to create shortcuts for pre-defined command
  • The session launcher
  • Automatic logon script, password and command
  • Running on remote session a locally saved script

There are also other features like Session icon, duplicate sessions, Transparency and automatic saving of data, Binary compression, Clipboard printing, Background image and PuTTYCyg patch.

Download KiTTy

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