Keep Your Passwords Safe with MobileWitch Pass Safe Password Manager

Probably the most risky task to do is to keep record and track of all the user login details mainly things like password, accounts, security questions and their mails. In most of the cases users tend to create more than one account with same data or few copy such details into notepad like document. In extreme cases you can do this by using paper to write down this information or letting the browser to handle it ;). So now you will see a new group who will be using Password software to do this. For example softwares for password management like Mobilewitch makes use of a secure encryption mechanism that makes date safe than any other alternatives available to do so like making users to depend on browsers, papers, text files etc. This software is basically meant for the Windows users as a Mobile client. This turns out to be a perfect support for mobility. In situations where you have the Login details at your home on the desktop and you are desperate to know them from your workplace this is of no use

How to use it? You just need to create a database with a password which is common and is the master key in the form of a file. The key provided as master will be used for all the encryption needed to be done and even decrypt them whenever needed to view the details. The password and other details can be classified based on their use like email or home banking needs. The attributes of every account that is inserted into the database consists of mainly user name, title, password, URL, notes, icon to identify easily and the information about the expiry if applicable along with many others which are not mandatory.

The difficulty level of password to get detected can be determined by seeing the password strength shown by it. The password can be obtained by the menu option provided in the right side of new entry menu. Pass safe option will be handy if you a list written in a CSV file and want to upload or import into it. You can simply drag and drop the details from this application to any other software that needs them. Double click the password it will be copied to the windows clipboard. All these details will be saved in a file called database.kdb which you can easily import into mobile so you can only access existing data in your mobile phone and nothing more than that.

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