Erase all your iPhone Data With Wipe App

Rich Mogull had come to the rescue and has published a method to wipe out almost all your personal data. Wipe App is an iPhone app which was released by NerveGas, the iPhone hacking expert. This app would solve the issue by erasing the contents of your iPhone.

The iPhone hacker Jonathan “NerveGas” Zdziarski was the one who had released a hack that makes dual-booting possible even on the iPhone. He was credited for the iPhone hack that gave you the ability to tether the iPhone to use its EDGE network from your laptop to surf the internet.
“Wipe App” performs a zero-write wipe of an iPhone / iPod Touch device which erases the contents of your iPhone. Zdziarski notes that “the device’s system and user partitions will be zeroed by this operation, and will require a restore through iTunes (but not from backup) when complete”.
Based on the instructions available in the readme, for the usage of the iPhone application a iPhone software such as iPhone Utility Client (iPHUC) and some command line work is required.

1. A working copy of the iPHUC is obtained on your desktop
machine. iPHUC and can be downloaded from
2. Use iPHUC to place the device into recovery mode by using the ‘enterrecovery’ command, or force the device into recovery mode by holding in the home and power buttons simultaneously until the restore screen appears.
3. Once the device is in restore mode, exit iPHUC, then re-enter it. This enables recovery commands. The following commands are issued to load and run the wipe software:
$ ./iphuc
recovery callback: Connected in Recovery Mode
recovery callback: Entering shell in Recovery Mode.
#: filecopytophone Wipe.bin
filecopytophone: 0
#: cmd setenv\ boot-args\ rd=md0\ -x\ -s\ pmd0=0×9340000.0xA00000
#: cmd saveenv
#: cmd bootx
#: exit
4. The wipe tool will load and execute. 30-second warning shall be given prior to commencing wipe to change your mind. After this, ALL DATA WILL BE DESTROYED.”

Based on the above instructions NerveGas still further needs to enhance this iPhone App enabling everyone to use it as it shall be quite useful when someone is planning to sell their iPhone (something quite a few people might be planning to do with 3G iPhone round the corner).
This app is an easier technique than the one based on a method that worked for him.

You can Download it Here.

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