Edit your FLV Files With RichFLV – an Adobe AIR application

Free from Adobe, Rich FLV is a software that can do anything on FLV files right from merge to extraction from bigger FLV files. It can Export audio files as MP3 or FLV then convert to SWF. Extract individual frames as make them as image files. If you are in search of a tool with all such features along with option to read write FLV files without any need of external codec then this is the right one. All you can do is cut, merge, edit and demux the FLV files. You can even define cue points and meta data. This Adobe air application initially opens a FLV file with stitch option you can do merging operation by choosing other file to be combined.

It is always better to use a new file name once you are done to avoid file overwrites leading to loss of information; you cannot select multiple files at a time and merge them. To cut and capture a part of the file you need to specify simply the inpoints and outpoints then from export menu provided save the file. The file can be exported as an MP3 file or and SWF file. Enables to select cue points and name them with adding information parameters for your use. Most impressive part is the saving and export operations take no time and done very fast which usually takes plenty of time to do with other similar tools.

The new version had got a lot of improvements. The new version can Analyze FLV’s 10 times faster. Now you can also export still images and save them as JPEG files. They have Improved the Layout Handling.

You can Download the application for free. But you need to have Adobe Air to use it.

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