Download Lightning and Sunbird 0.9 from Mozilla for Windows, MAC, Linux & Solaris

Calendar application of Sunbird version 0.9, has been released by Mozilla. Extension for the Thunderbird email client, the Lightning calender have been reorganized. Sunbird and Lightning are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

There are several improvements and changes, but a few of them are the most evident. They are:-

  • Calendar views have been overhauled.
  • While reloading a remote calendar, a progress indicator shows up
  • To indicate that Multi-day events are now connected they have visual indicators.
  • In the tasks mode the today pane can be shown
  • Improvement of Memory use and the application is more stable.
  • New langusges like Icelandic, Romanian and Traditional Chinese were added.

The last version designed for use with Thunderbird 2 is Lightning 0.9. Integrating the calendar extension with Thunderbird 3 will be the focus of future development.

Download Sunbird for Windows
Download Sunbird for Linux
Download Sunbird for MAC
Download Sunbird for Solaris

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