DeskTask – Manage Your Outlook Calendar and Tasks From Desktop

DeskTask is a freeware that can display events in your Outlook calendar and tasks which forms a good personal assistant for you. It can even take care of scheduling your tasks for the entire week. This app will access Outlook at regular intervals and then displays the updated data of your schedule at the time mentioned by you. Incase if you frequently use outlook for you day to day to work then you may sometime feel like having an option to display the information present in it on the desktop as a kind of shortcut so that you do not need to open your Outlook for every simple reason. Yes this does provide this option eliminating the need to you to do so and access the information from the desktop.

With the DeskTask I think your wish will come true like displaying details outlook details on desktop and others. There are some other capabilities of this piece of application which might make a difference for you. In addition to displaying the information, the application is very interactive and easy to use. But it is not meant for the 2-way interaction between outlook and desktask which can be said that it is a limitation.

All you need to do is simply drag and drop wherever you want it to be displayed. You can set to have only present items and leave out past ones or display the future tasks. Some of the value additions of the display include justification, shadows, font and background colors, transparency and so it can do most of the word formatting for you. When it comes to memory consumption and utilization it pretty decent since its only a 7 MB sized application.


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