Design Your Websites Very Easily With Freeway Pro 5.2 – No Hand Coding Required

For all those curious to create their own website or are much into website creation activities there is something useful that can make you focus more on designing web pages than coding them. Freeway Pro (Freeway Pro 5.2) is one such solution for all such needs. In order to develop a quality and decent website you might need supporting technical skills and knowledge. Now Freeway has come up with a tool for designers, developers and others with desired visual appearances and quality coding behind it. The interface is much like a layout of a page which is very user friendly and this software will be very productive for users of QuarkXpress and InDesign.

You can drag and drop any new things and even place such items in the containers available. Such activities are quite regular for page layout operations. The items that were added to the layout can be edited, moved etc. The text can be made graphical in case you need to add some effects to the text. This avoids the con of loosing the site design and layout due to site viewer’s font and format differences. Editing the Basic image makes to you to resize, crop, flip and rotate and many other operations on the image and graphics without a need to affect the original image. So you can always retain the original file which we view by any photo editor like Adobe.

In case if you have no knowledge then you can make well use of templates and customize them as you like and for professional designer you have a blank template available to start from the beginning. The documentation from Softpress will be of great use and help you using the manual provided in PDF file. The built in help is not so good and useful instead Softpress even provided video based tutorial on using it. It is capable of creating web application meant for iPhones. It has Google Adsense and maps as an in-built feature. If you are intended to concentrate of web designing that helps to develop eye catching website then go ahead with Freeway Pro 5.2.

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