Create a 3D View of Your Photos With Microsoft Photosynth from Live Labs

Now you can easily share your photos in a 3D environment with Microsoft Photosynth. You can easily stitch all your photos to make a Cinematic movie. You can create an amazing new world and surprise your friends. You can use Photosynth to transform regular digital photos into a three dimensional, 360-degree experience with just few mouse clicks.

Photosynth software analyzes each of your photos for similarities to the others, and then it uses that data to build a model of where the photos were taken. Microsoft uses Seadragon technology to deliver you quality canvas by rendering the images. Photosynth mainly consists of two components: the ability to reconstruct the object or a scene from a bunch of photographs or images, and the technology to bring that experience to virtually anyone over the Internet. SO you can share all the Photosynth’s with your friends.

To create a Synth you need to sign up at their site and you can use your Windows Live ID to do that. The “Synther” runs on PC’s with Only XP or Vista installed. Photosynth installs two programs on your computer: a Web browser plug-in for viewing synths, and “Photosynth” desktop application for creating the Synths.

The Desktop App allows you to upload your photos to Synth. All you have to do is select some photos and press “Synth”. Based on the similarity the PhotoSynth application creates the “Synth”. All your files are stored in the Microsofot’s Servers.

The Online viewer allows you to take a look at the Synths. You can zoom your photos in 3D mode. You can also view your photos in full screen mode.

The only thing I felt bad is that all the Synths are Public. So if you create a Synth all the world can see it!!

You can Download it Here

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