Apple iTunes 8 with Genius Playlists, Genius Sidebar, Grid View, HD TV Shows, Enhanced Accessibility and the New Visualizer

If you own an Apple iPod then you must be knowing about the Apple iTunes. Apple had released a new version of iTunes recently. From burning CDs to watching HD TV you can do everything with the new iTunes. The new iTunes has got many great features like Genius Playlists, Genius Sidebar, Grid View, HD TV Shows, Enhanced Accessibility and the New Visualizer.

Definitely being an important release for iTunes users and from Apple will not make any significant difference to the sales of Apple products. iTunes 8 was out on Apple’s Let’s Rock event and is the hub responsible to all kinds of media transfers of Apple’s world of users. I got an opportunity to understand, use and test it, found few things that are probably worth mentioning. The first thing is the Genius feature which is DJ tool automated from Apple and now packed with iTunes 8. Custom and relational playlists are built by itself using your music library.

All you need is to turn on the Genius option and then iTunes will ride through all the files of music and media in your system and populate the results, categorizes and builds a database for itself. This is very much similar to Pandora service of the past. It will take your playlist and compile with all others from the stone cloud. The accuracy is supposed to increase with time and use for Genius. It’s fun and were much of chances to hit or miss and you can play one for your mood or favorite beat. When tried by methe Genius did work well and could find groovy, it even laid the electronic numbers back, there were times where it was slightly out of place, but relatively better matches were made.

It is expected to improve by Apple on its implementation of the technology. Accuracy and utility of this one will be beneficial. The sidebar provides you to shop music online from Apple iTunes store or listen from your library. The Grid view which is very new with Apple and is instead of the album view. It works fine with all kinds of media content and like a cover flow, with a slider to size icons as you like. The Grid is much better than the Old user interface since it has functionality and art working together which makes to surf through library easily. There are a lot more things which need you to download and explore. This one makes music to be so much to hear and worth of trying it a decent update from Apple.

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