Google Search Masters Conference Live Blogging


Key Note.. from Vivaik Bharadwaaj…

Some facts about Indian broadband and Internet users…

Analysis on the Websites in India…. Entertainment & Education are mostly visited in India…

India Specific Initiatives..Talking about Orkut community, Google Translation, Google Bus.Webmasters help forum, Search masters Conference.. etc..

Vivaik just completed the Key Note..

Webmaster Central Resources..

Google Webmaster Central
Webmaster Central Blog
Webmaster Help Forum
Webmaster Help Center
Third-party Sitemap Tools
Webmaster Central on YouTube
Video Tutorial
SEO Starter Guide


Adam Lasnik gets his turn…

Connecting with Webmasters – Tools.. Information and Discussions.
Adam talking about his roles in Google..

Tools – Webmaster tools and website optimization tools..
Information – Analytics.. Google Help Center.. official Blog..

How to get your site discovered by Google- use XML Sitemaps..

A bit more about links…
What are good link?? and which are bad??

Properties of good links.. and how to get good links..

Create a notable site with original site.
Participate in Communities.
Make pages easy to share with.
Make exclusive directories. Directories that accept everything are not good for Google
Create Original, Compelling and Accessible content
Use text. Better avoid Flash and JavaScript.

Access your site with different browsers.
Try out Mobile browsers and Screen Readers.
Use text only browsers – Lynx.
Just try your website with JavaScript turned off.
Ask your friends to try your sites.

Making the most of your site’s Images.
Use an alt text.
Use descriptive file names. Better use “TechnoSamrat.jpg” rather than “12-hdy7.jpg”.
Describe the Image with text.
Optimize the Image for your users.

Question Hour..

Shooting questions on indexing Videos, Key Density, Optimizing Meta Tags like Description, Keywords etc.

1:30 -after lunch!!

Rajat Mukherjee on Google Custom Search..

Rajath explaining about the Google Custom Search.
Use Google custom search engine to increase the user experience.
You, Your Blog, Your Community, Your World!!

Explaining different ways to use Google Custom Search Engine that wold suit your website.
Architecture of Google Custom Search.
Custom Search for Businesses, Publishers and Developers.

2:30 – Building Mobile Friendly Websites Ankit Gupta

Things to consider while designing a website for mobile devices.
Keep your site simple with task orientation.. Think of the mobile specific use cases.
Have a low complexity webpage.
Check out different screen sizes and orientations.
Different protocols and markups to use for a mobile website.
Use Simple HTML with CSS. (I personally prefer a very simple site that does my job.)
CSS, JavaScript, Google Gears, Location API etc can be used..
Explaining ways to build your Mobile website.
Do’s and Dont’s for a XHTML website.

Some of the browsers to test your mobile website – Opera Mini, Pocket IE, iPhone Safari, Netfront, S60 web browser, Android Web browser, Opera for S60 Mobiles.


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