Asus Might Come Up With Netbook For Less Than $ 200

If reports are to be believed that Asus may come up with an extremely cheap netbook. The company is planning to launch an Eee PC Netbook Pic

netbook priced less than $ 200. The most surprising part of the netbook is its price. Most of the netbooks which hosts Windows 7 as OS are priced between $ 300 or $ 350.

Competition From Tablets

It is believed that tough competition from tablets might have prompted Asus to come up with the cheap notebook. It is to be noted that rise of tablets have eaten the market of netbooks quite drastically.  Not only have this, presence of cheap laptops in the market has also retarded the growth of netbooks.

There are speculations that Asus might bring down the cost of the netbook by using small screen and old processors. There are also reports that Asus is planning to come up with a “killer” notebook, but it is quite unclear as to what it means. It will be interesting to note the reception of this cheap netbook from Asus among users.

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