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Upgrade Your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Firmware to v20.0.0.12

Written By Samrat| 10 February 2009| 40 Comments

Today I was searching for some freeware Apps for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and suddenly found that there was a latest Firmware Update for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The latest firmware v20.0.0.12 for Nokia 5800 has got many significant improvements, bug fixes and enhancements. The best thing I liked is the native support for geo-tagging on Nokia 5800. So next time when you plan to take a photograph you can add the location information with the help of the in-built GPS. But as I was expecting many changes to the standby screen and there aren’t many changes to it. I feel that the BIG screen of Nokia 5800 isn’t really utilized properly.


Some of the features or enhancements with the latest Nokia 5800 firmware v20.0.0.12

  • Native support for Geo-Tagging with built-in GPS.
  • Added a Dictionary with multi language support.
  • Improvement of the Touch Screen functionality.
  • Added App Update which can be used to update an individual application.
  • Screen rotation between landscape and Portrait mode is quicker.
  • Better playback for FLV/Flash Videos(Youtube).
  • FLV/Flash videos have got full screen, zoom and on-screen options.
  • Replaced the Download and Podcast icons.
  • Changed the active application dot.
  • Viewing the gallery is pretty fast.
  • Use the search functionality to search files present in your mobile & the Internet.
  • You can even shoot images with the secondary camera present on the front of the Mobile.

After looking at all the features and enhancements I was really very happy and decided to upgrade Nokia 5800 firmware. I checked my current version and it showed me v11.0.0.008(You can type *#0000# to get your current firmware version of Nokia 5800).

You can upgrade your mobile using Nokia Software Updater or over the air (OTA). I decided to use the Nokia Software Updater and checked for the latest updates. Surprisingly it had shown me that there are no updates. Later I tried with OTA Firmware Update; But even it said there are no updates yet. After researching for a while I found that the update is not available for all the regions. So if you are lucky enough to update your Nokia 5800 firmware then do post your valuable feedback. I’ll be writing a new post with my experience once I update the firmware of my Nokia 5800.

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  • M. Mayer said:

    Wieso gibt es die neue Firmware jeweils nur für gewisse Regionen?
    Ich habe im Moment v10.0.010 – also eine ziemlich alte Version. Eine neuere Version scheint nicht verfügbar zu sein.

  • elisa said:

    where do i get ur nokia new firmware?can u give me the link?

  • Samrat said:


    Just connect to your PC and use the Nokia Software Updater to check if there is an availability of the new firmware..

  • Samrat said:

    @M. Mayer

    The latest firware V20 is not available to all locations. Just check if your location is covered.. use Nokia Software Updater..

  • Matilda said:

    Hittade du någon info ang när den ska komma till vår region? Jag köpte min lur i Spanien och undrar om det är någon skillnad (utöver avsaknad av svenska språket) när jag ska uppdatera? Visst är Sverige och Spanien samma region?

  • Araf said:

    How can i use the secondary camera?

  • Samrat said:


    With the latest V20 firmware you can use the secondary camera to take pictures. You will get an option to select secondary camera in the camera application

  • cuong said:

    toi cung muon cap nhat vay phai lam sao?toi cung dung phan mem nokia updater nhung ko co version moi.vay phai mlam sao.chi toi di.goi qua email lien nha

  • neo said:

    hi i bought my nokia 5800 in iran (in v20 the nokia support farsi or arabic language for type sms or system language) and in nokia when i type my product code in nokia site for update the model phone is another ,the model is 3610 what’s the couse of this.

  • lala said:

    Jeg er ikke helt med på hvordan du opdaterede din firmware ?

  • martin said:

    matos straipsnis paimtas tai is kaskokios svetaines 😀 ir su translatoriu isverstas i lietuviu kalba nes klaidu milijonas…

  • Leo9 said:


    I had the same problem, couldn’t see any available update. I talked to nokia care, where they said the latest version is SO I went to a care centre but they did not have it.

    Came back and changed the product code of my phone using JAF, now have the latest update on my phone…quite a few changes..have a dictionary now, have installed 3 new languages in it, so I can do a Eng-Hindi, Eng-French etc.

    Secondary camera is usable and yes the camera geo tagging is now active. Night shots are a a lot less grainier. Phone seems smoother, in transitioning.

  • wez said:

    how u update the phone and what number you changed? i’m using this 0559476 number is it still valid?

  • Ronald said:

    Download aplikasinya dimana yach

  • nitz said:

    how can i use the secondary camera of Nokia 5800 Xprs Music to take pics?

  • shivet said:

    Hi, having uploaded the new update for the 5800,i noticed that the Contact bar on the home screen came up blank,with no option to add a contact,futher more when the contact bar is on the homescreen,one cannot access the contact tab or the Dial tab(below) on the home screen.
    I went on to the nokia software updater to reinstall the software/firmware,but reinstallation is not completing despite many cautious attempts.Kindly help!

  • Samrat said:


    You can use the secondary camera only with the latest firmware upgrade V20..

  • shivet said:

    ……further the proximity sensor has stopped working post the update

  • Samrat said:


    I upgraded to the latest version recently and I see no problem with it.. try to hard re-set the phone and then try again.. hope that might work..

  • spikecursed said:

    Hi teman,

    Semoga informasi ini dapat membantu anda melakukan upgrade firmware nokia 5800.

  • Arvin said:

    directed at Neo
    how much did u buy 5800 in iran and how much is n78:)
    plz tell:)

  • Puguh Prasetyo said:

    mas apakah software updater nokia harus selalu di update??? maksudnya diperbarui versinya??? atau pas hp sudah terhubung melalui pc suite software updater akan medeteksi firmware baru melalui koneksi internet???

  • ryan said:

    um low ad tisp & trik tentang nokia 5800 krim” kbr dunk k mail gw?

  • Filip said:

    Kan bara informera dig som undrar.
    som jag gjorde tidigare.
    Är din telefon operatörslåst så måste det företaget
    godkänna den nya firmwaren innan du kan uppdatera din
    telefon. Det är därför det kanske inte funkar
    att uppdatera din telefon till v20….
    Jag har 3. O dom har inte godkänt den än.

    så det e bara o vänta. 🙁
    skulle ta nån vecka.

  • فادي said:

    يعطيك ١٠٠٠عافيه على مجهودك صراحه تستاهل الشكر…

  • Phil Bran said:

    Just did the V20 on my 5800 software said compleat now the phone is dead. All it does is vibrate a second when you try to turn it on!!..Can anyone help please!

  • MG said:

    how to install this update

  • Samrat said:

    @Phil Bran

    Can you try resetting the phone??

  • mohammad said:

    I need nokia5800 anti-virus.
    please help me.
    ………..thank you…………

  • javed mirza said:

    i have installed latest firmware v21 but i have a problem and th problem was that whem i dial a contact or a number ,when number is dialed the display was stucked and no button works,and display goes off,and then i slide the display button to on the display.after that display works.plz tell me whats the problem that when dialing the display not working and turn off.thanks, and when i have the firmware 11 i have no prob like that.

  • Raju said:

    Hi dude,

    where do i get nokia new firmware (V20)? can u mail me the link?

  • Tricia said:

    I need antivirus 4 my nokia 5800.

  • vaibhav said:

    Hi.. Tricia..!! In my opinion do not instal any kind of antivirus in ur mobile..
    Cz then u might be unable to access some kind of features of ur mobile due to the intrruption of antivirus software..
    U can scan ur mobile with quickheal antivirus or with bit defender..

  • vaibhav said:

    Hi.. Raju!!

    U can get the latest version of nokia firmware(v30).
    U jst need to install nokia software updater n run it. first it will update itself n then connect ur device to ur PC n then follow the procedure. Ur 5800 will automatically get updated through nokia software updater..

  • vaibhav said:

    Hello Javed Mirza..
    As u r telling that ur mobile does’nt respond during the call.. It could be bcz of maximum use of phone memory.. Try to make free space
    on ur phone memory n then use ur phone.. If it does’nt works then remove ur memory card n then try to make call n then if the problem does’nt occurs that means ur memory card have some viruses or that is not formatted properly..

  • imran raza khan said:

    how and where i install ms word office and ms excell in 5800 xpress music because i want to upgrade my files daily kindly tell me where i get ms word,ms excell and how to install it in nokia 5800xpress music

  • imran raza khan said:

    i want to use secondry camra please help me how i install it in my mobile and i can i use it

  • Ahllan said:

    Hi there
    I have a problem and need your help. I have NOkia 5800 xpressMusic ( RM-356). I have arabic and English language in it. When I updated the software Nokia software updator Version 30.0.008, I lost my arabic language. I still have the Enlish lanuage and another language that i don’t know what it is.

    HOw can I install the arabic language back.

    I appreicate you help

  • kittu said:


  • Amit said:

    I m having my nokia 5800 music xpress mobile since mid-october of this year. This model of nokia is really gr8 and worth admiring.
    But i m having problem with som of it’s inbuilt applications as it’s TOUCH GUITAR & TOUCH PIANO. Also function of editing of images is lost i.e. Wen we chose to edit any image it just disappears and land into gallery again!? I wonder if this continues soon i will hav no interest in operating this!!
    Plz plz help me.

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