Customize Your Samsung Omnia i900 Themes

Customise Themes For Windows Mobile Phones

Here are some useful tips on Samsung Omnia i900. Before the tips let me first give some basic information.

Samsung Omnia i900 is a WQVGA phone having a resolution of 24×480 or 480×240 when rotated. It comes with some default built custom themes such as Widgetinterface and Samsung Today Screen 2.

If you want the install the basic themes in it then it needs the installation of a “.tsk” file. This usually is placed in the Windows folder.

samsung omnia screen

The Problems

You may find many programs. Even some are free. Those programs can be installed and it can be customized according to your likes of look and feel. But there may be some problems as mentioned below:

  • The software may not work with one another and hence it may cause slow down and hanging of the device.
  • The software may not be also compatible with Windows Mobile6.1.
  • The software may also not comply with WQVA and hence it may not render correctly.

Few Solutions

First of all, the iphone icons that are found online are generally of 59 x 60 pixels and in PNG format. Using those icons directly may look bad. There may happen bleeding of borders or sizes may not be right. Moreover, the transparency may not work properly.

iphone icons

If these things happen then you need to do some conversions. They are as below:

  1. First open iphone icon in PC
  2. Menu\Image\Images Size –> resize to 44px by 44px
  3. Menu\Image\Canvas Size –> resize to 48px by 48px
  4. Menu\Layer\New Fill Layer\Solid Colour –> make it black
  5. Set your Black Background to be the lowest layer
  6. Menu\File\Save For Web –> preset to PNG-24 Transparency and Interlaced Checked
  7. Transfer file to phone and set as icon from within iFonz

Please note that these dimensions are for 4×4 programs layout. For 3×3 programs layout and even larger icons you need to adjust the steps 2 and 3 accordingly.

Change The Thickness of Scrollbars

If you want to change the right or bottom thickness of the scrollbars then follow these:

For horizontal (bottom) scrollbar:

HKLM\System\GWE\cyHScr = 9 (DWORD decimal)

For vertical (right) scrollbar:

HKLM\System\GWE\cxVScr = 9 (DWORD decimal)

13 is the default thickness. The value can be set to anything of your choice.

Change The Length of Scrollbar Arrow Buttons

For horizontal (bottom) scrollbar arrows:

HKLM\System\GWE\cyVScr = 9 (DWORD decimal)

For vertical (right) scrollbar:

HKLM\System\GWE\cxHScr = 9 (DWORD decimal)

Again, here also 13 is the default length and it can be set to anything.

Keep reading. We will always bring some more useful tips for your Windows mobile phone. And yes, do give your valuable comments. This may help other readers and it will also give us inspiration to bring some more good and helpful articles.

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