X-plore – File Manager for Symbian phones and Windows Mobile

If you are looking for a file explorer for Symbian or Windows Mobile then I suggest you to go for x-Plore from Lonely Cat Games. X-plore is a file manager for Symbian phones with lot of features. I installed it on my Nokia N72 Symbian mobile. You can explore the phone’s file system. There is a wide range of functions available in the application. Presently it is available in the 1.22 version.

With X-plore you can view all the folders present in your drives present in your mobile. You can also view the files in HEX mode. The application has got an Internal Image viewer. So you can view your images. The Text viewer embedded in it will help you to open the text files present in your mobile. You can also send your files to another mobile via Bluetooth. The best thing I liked is that you can open and view the contents of a ZIP file.


• All the drives / folders / files on phone are viewed in tree view.
• The text and image viewer is integrated.
• The details of the file can be viewed.
• File attributes can be edited.
• The text files can be created, edited, deleted or renamed.
• Folders can be created.
• Files and folders can be copied and moved.
• Files can be send by Bluetooth or Infrared.
• Files can be extracted from Zip, Rar, Jar archives.
• Viewing of Word documents is possible.
• Processes and tasks can be viewed.
• Program update is built-in.
• Viewing and saving files can be done in Messaging folders
• Hotkeys are available for folders.
• Unable to access protected folders on Symbian 9.x.

Presently this application is available for purchase at LonelyCatGames. It is available for Symbian phones like Symbian S60, S60 3rd edition, UIQ, UIQ 3.0 and Windows Mobiles like Pocket PC 2003, SmartPhone 2003, WM5, WM6.

Download for Symbian phones Here

Download Windows Mobile Here


  1. @keith

    This is a version for Symbian & Windows Mobile.. and there is no version for Series 40 mobiles… But there are some other applications for series 40 mobiles…

  2. sir/ma
    my nokia n72 is given me problem<it is showing me low memory and most sit can open i have delete all my file is still showing same tin i have flash it with computer, idon"t known why the problem is making me go mad,and i love the phone but the phone don"t like me, please i need your help.sir?ma call me and tell me what to do. 08078197137 am not online always.

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