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OfficeReader – OpenDocument text(.odt), spreadsheet(.ods) and presentation(.odp) Reader for Symbian OS

Written By Samrat| 29 September 2008| One Comment

You can now open and read OpenDocument files from, KOffice, AbiWord and Lotus Symphony office suite on your Symbian Smartphone with the help of Officereader. Officereader is an open-source application(GNU General Public License v3) for Nokia Series60 (S60) and Sony Ericsson UIQ3 mobile devices.

Highlights of OfficeReader for Symbian:

  • You can open OpenDocument text(.odt), spreadsheet(.ods) and presentation(.odp) files.
  • OpenDocument files can be directly opened from email attachments, MMS, Bluetooth, filebrowser as well as webbrowsers
  • Thumbnail image can be viewed.
  • Information about subject, title, keywords and other meta information can be obtained.
  • Statistics about paragraph count, words and pages can be achieved
  • Zoom and fullscreen
  • Search Functionality
  • Changes can be viewed

Several formatting options are supported by OfficeReader. They are:

  • all text and highlighting colors
  • full support for footnotes
  • underline as well as crossing lines
  • left, right and center alignment
  • left and right margins
  • bullets and numbering
  • bold and italic
  • embedded images
  • upper and lower text
  • paragraph bordering

Office Reader for S60 3rd Edition Version 0.6

Office Reader for UIQ3 Version 0.6

One Comment »

  • Otto Hanus said:

    Hallo –

    kann man auf dem Nokia 5800 (k)ein MS Office installieren (wie beim Commander)?

    Danke und Gruß

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