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Gmail for mobile 2.0 With Improved Performance, drafts and offline support

Written By Samrat| 24 October 2008| One Comment

I had installed Gmail for Mobile on my Nokia N72 mobile. I really use it a lot while traveling. Yesterday I had seen that Google had released a latest version Gmail Client for Mobiles. The latest Gmail for mobile version 2.0 supports J2ME Mobiles and BlackBerry phones. The main focus for this release is faster user experience and Reliability. They re-architectured the entire application to give us a great experience.

Gmail for mobile 2.0 With Improved Performance, drafts and offline support

Latest Improvements and features

  • Great Performance Improvement – You will definitely see a great improvements in speed and you will experience a smooth scrolling.
  • Multiple accounts management – Now you can easily switch between your accounts. So if you have a personal and business accounts then your task will be very easy.
  • Save Multiple Drafts in Mobile – Now you can save your drafts in your mobile. So when you need to send a message urgently you can pick one of them.
  • Useful Shortcut Keys – There are many shortcut keys that have come up. If you have a QWERTY Keypad then you can use the shortcuts to make your life easy. There are shortcuts like ‘Z’ for undo etc.
  • New offline support – The one which I liked is the Basic offline support. SO you can read your mails even when you are offline. You have sent a mail and if there is no network, your mail will be stored in outbox and it is sent to the recipient when there is a network coverage.

I very well liked all the features of the latest Gmail for mobile version 2.0. Even I was very happy with the older version. Also, Gmail for mobile 2.0 comes in over 35 languages.

So if you are looking to install it(which I strongly suggest), then visit in your mobile browser to download the new Gmail client for your mobile phone.

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