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Freeware S60 5th edition Applications for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Written By Samrat| 20 January 2009| 79 Comments

Last Sunday I purchased a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and I was looking to install applications for the same. I was able to find couple of applications on the Nokia India site which I would like to share with you.


SMS Timer for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic


I downloaded this software basically to send bithday wishes to my friends. SMS Timer is a free software which allows you to schedule SMS or MMS messages for a future date and time. Though the application doesn’t contain complex features its very useful for people like me who forget things very easily.

SMS Timer will be very useful in situations like Scheduling of Birthday wishes, Special Occasion and Season’s greetings well in advance. It is also useful for sending messages to friends in a different time zone. You can even use it to get vital information like credit card statements at regular intervals.

Smart Guard for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic


Smart Guard will help you to protect your private data present in your Nokia 5800 mobile. With Smart Guard you can protect SMS/MMS Messages, Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Documents etc which are present both on the phone’s internal memory and on the memory card. Only people who got the passcode can access the data. You can use it to save your business information, bank account data and credit card information. Your information will be safe in case you lost your mobile.

Wave Secure for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic


Wave Secure is an ultimate security application for your phone. I suggest everyone to install this software as it can help you to get your stolen/lost mobile. It not only helps you to track your lost/stolen phone but also ensures full security of the data present in the device. You can easily track the lost device via a Buddy Notification or over the Internet. You can also remotely Lock your stolen mobile, so that nobody can misuse the device & data. I installed this software software in my mobile and feels that applications like this should be bundled with every mobile.


  • vaughnkhervin said:

    why when i install says expired certificate?

  • Samrat said:


    Can you send me your firmware version date… You can also make it work by changing the date something old… Hope it helps you..

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  • devasundram said:

    hi, im finding the same says certificate expired. Changing the date means, which one i need to change. The phone one or the application date

  • Samrat said:


    Try to change the date of your mobile and install the application…

  • BlueChip said:

    Please, do as follows:
    1. Backup all the data using PC suite.
    2. Remove the MicroSD by pressing once the Power button and select remove memory card and press ok. then remove it.
    3. Then enter the code *#7370#
    4. Mobile will get restarted then enter Phone code default is 12345.
    5. Then select the your region, Date, Time.
    6. Power it off.
    7. Insert the MicroSD card.
    8. Power it on.

    Install apps. no more error.
    Now no more “Expired Certificate” error will occur. I have tested & done it myself.

  • Samrat said:


    Thank you very much for your information..

  • devasundram said:

    hi samrat, i’ve succesfully installed smart guard, but the problem is its asking for passwd even though i’ve never set it. is there any default passwd. pls advise me i hv very important data in there.

  • sundram said:

    i need default passwd for smart guard. is there any.

  • fuadanol said:

    tolong gimana caranya mendownload themes ke nokia 5800 exmusix

  • PHAM HAI said:

    Mih cung moi mua nokia 5800 . Minh thay ban co gioi thieu mot so phan mem cai dat cho nokia 5800 but khongbiet khi cai vao may co bi loi gi hay khogn ? minh cung khong biet phuong thuc cai dat nhu the nao ban co the vui log chi giup minh duoc khong ?

  • shizio said:


    i hav installed wave secure software on my 5800 cell, and i registerd onthe web site also but after dat i tried changing the password it didnt allow me to change. it got stuck. now i cant open the wave secure website. i tried uninstalling and instaslling it back again but it is askin for for the same old password.


  • cedie said:

    im trying to update my xprsmusic to a new version,but it dosn’t work,is it because im here in Libya?

  • Mike said:

    Saya menginstal wavesecure tapi tertulis “please insert indian sim card”. FYI, saya menggunakan sim card IM3. Tolong bantuannya dong. Thanks.

  • reteman said:

    distixws to smart guard paizei mono stin india toulaxiston etsi leei to diko mou……..

  • Mehedi said:

    how can i play avi for file in nokia 5800.amy link for download avi player.

  • Samrat said:


    Try Mobile DVD.. But the playback is bit jerky..

  • MAROOOO said:

    i downloaded it but they asked me to insert an indian sim card…wat can i do?

  • vivek said:

    i was badly in the need of smart guard thanx a ton any other softwares u hav buddy iam looking for some good themes (blue colored ones ) any suggestions ????

  • mas_ham said:

    مشكور على المعلومات القيمة ونرجو تزويد القراء بكل جديد

  • Shridhar said:

    Please let me know how to update the latest firmware for 5800 S60 5th edition and please provide me the avi player for the same set.

  • Samrat said:


    Right now there is no update available in India.. The V20 is available in only some locations.. There is no perfect AVI player yet for 5800.. Though they say SmartMovie plays the files.. I don’t see it working.. I’m using Mobile DVD and even that doesn’t seem to work perfectly.. Will update you once I found a good AVI Player..

  • Deepak said:

    i reali need a software to lock images and videos..
    smart guard is good…but one problem
    i cant use it in malaysia…
    please do something…thanks

  • Samrat said:


    I’ll check to see if there are any other softwares for that…

  • vasilia said:

    interesuva me dali ima skype za tazi nikia dva ni ve4e tarsq i nemoga da namerq 6te sam mn blagodarna ako mi pomognete blagodarq predvaritelno

  • strmbr said:

    köh, toi guardi, “this application works only in Indian Region” ;b mikä neuvoksi?

  • strmbr said:

    duh, how the hell could you understand finnish, darn. so. like i said, “this application works only in Indian Region”, what to do?

  • Samrat said:


    did you try changing the location? change the location to India and install the application and after that you can change the country to the original one.

  • Fransisca said:

    Hi.thx atas aplikasinya, cuman saya agak bingung yang smart guard…maksudnya gimana y?
    saya sudah install, trus diapain?

  • Fransisca said:

    how to change the location? i have already install smart guard,and it’s not work, because i’m not in india.Thx

  • ovidiu said:

    Am instalat WaveSecure si imi cere cartele de India. Aveti soft si ptr romanaia ?

  • mladen said:

    zanima me kako se mjenjaju teme na nokiji 5800.ima li neko tko će mi to objasniti

  • aries said:

    untuk smartguard saya sudah ganti region ke india dan install smartguard’y, tetap saja tidak bisa ..? any more trik n tips..?

  • Samrat said:


    Change the region to India and try installing it..

  • santosh said:

    The smart guard application doesn’t hide the video files. They are shown in the gallery inspite of hiding them from the smart guard.

  • Samrat said:


    Will check it out and let you know..

  • mishra said:

    hw sms timer will run
    i hav dwnload it bt i
    dont know hw to run
    so help me

  • Samrat said:


    You just have to set the advance time for your SMS…. thats it..

  • alonelyone said:

    @bluechip is that hacking my phone? don’t want to lose my warrant :)

  • Malhuxas said:

    Eu apenas gostaria d saber como instalar os temas nu tlm . Podem ajudar ??

  • Samrat said:


    Yes that voids your warranty.. be careful..

  • Mohanraj.S said:

    Can any one send me details for smartguard for 5800 for UAE region.

    Bcos when i download from nokia india it will not work.
    It is asking for indian simcard.

    Kindly help me


  • HoTMaMa said:

    even after changing the location,wavesecure still asks for indian sim. What to do next?

  • Рубен Сычев said:

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  • herman said:

    Kok setelah Download Wavesecure dan diinstal di 5800 EM malah minta Indian Sim Card.???…cape deh…hahaha

  • Nagaraja said:

    I could able to install SmartGuard successfully. But after configuration, I am trying to open INBOX and its not opening. I am not able to cancel the opening operation and forcibly I need to restart it. Any body knows why INBOX is not opeining??

  • ЮaФљМaО said:


  • scoksSone said:

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  • gab said:

    is the info about restarting the mobile ,to change the region , can also help me ,in my phone lock code. which i forgot. please help me .. need to lock my phone every time. thanks

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