Top 5 Budget Cell Phones To Beat Recession

Want to get a good deal on cell phones? That too in a recession period? Here is a small research made by us on which can be the best 5 cell phones within your budget.

Samsung Slash for Virgin Mobile

samsung slash

This cute looking slider phone has style as well as durability. Within a price tag of $69.99 it has many advanced features. It has a short-range Bluetooth wireless communications, access to mobile web, voice dialing and more. Yes, not forgetting to mention the camera.

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Pantech C610 for AT&T


This is also a cute looking. It is a flip phone for AT&T and have more features at such less buck. It manages a high-speed 3G phone, packing GPS and chrome design accent. Though there may not be anything unique or revolutionary in it but it is fine at this rate.

Price Tag: $49.99

Sony Ericsson W350 for AT&T


The brand itself says that it has to be a music phone. True. It is one of the best music phone at economical price. It is also dubbed as the “thinnest flip phone available in the market.”

Price Tag: $29.99

LG CU720 Shine for AT&T


This phone from LG was released in the US market for AT&T. It also has its Asian and European counterpart model LG KE970. As per the model name, the phone actually shines. This is because it can be literally used as a compact mirror in a standby mode. About the features at this price, it has a 3G for high-speed data transfer. In fact this phone is a full-featured multimedia phone.

Price Tag: $49.99

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic for T-Mobile


In fact this phone by Nokia is designed to be of much like the higher priced upgrade mobile phones but for half the price. This phone does not give much talk time and much storage space even. The camera is also downgraded. But yes, it is lighter in weight.

Bottom Line

Each one of us has different priorities in buying mobile phones. One thing is very common that we want the best deal. We no more want to spend more on cell phones.

I Speak

Few of our recent posts had been on top 5 charts. Before posting these articles we have carefully studied the market trend and also well studied different comments of users of these phones.

Do keep reading and do also keep on commenting and mailing us. We will always put effort to bring some more useful articles.


  1. the Economic Recession has been pretty hard on us. some of my friends lost their job because of the massive job cuts. i just hope that our economy becomes better in the following years.

  2. Our country was also hit hard by the Economic Recession. At least we are seeing some signs of economic recovery now. I hope that we could recover soon from this recession.

  3. Mobile phone is excellent example of technological advancement in communication. It has become a very essential resource of our daily life. Without mobile phones no one can imagine their life to stay in touch with their relatives or friends who are out of reach because it’s not possible to meet them personally every time. Availability of so many brands of phone makes it easy & possible.

  4. Our country had been so much affected by this Economic Recession. there are lots of job cuts and company shutdowns. We are seeing some signs of economic recovery right now and we hope that it would continue.

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