Samsung Star 3G S5603 Full Review And Specs

The S5603 is latest 3G touchscreen mobile phone from Samsung’s stable. It has got exellent features and comes with a large 2.8 inch QVGA touchscreen with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI which is regarded as one of the best UI’s making the whole experience a pleasure.

Look And Feel

The touch screen responds very well to the fingers though the stylus does not work properly in most cases. The front panel of the S5603 has earpiece just above the screen as in most of the mobile phones and the light sensor and the secondary video call camera on the right. The calling keys, the back button and the power buttons are properly placed below the screen. The back button looks like a D-pad and can be mistaken as navigation key. Since the S5603 does not has a navigation key so the users need to manually browse through the menu with their fingers.

samsung star 3g 5603

There is an all in one jack for the USB connection, charging and the hands free which is a big disadvantage since nothing else can be used while the phone is getting charged. The left side of the phone has got the volume rocker which doubles up as zooming rocker for the text and the camera. On the right side of the phone is placed the screen-lock key and below that the camera key. The back has got a 3.0 megapixel camera with LED flash and speakers at the bottom left. The S5603 has got a slot for the MicroSD card (expandable upto 16 GB) behind the battery. In addition to that there is an Internal storage of 80 MB.

The menu is simple and user friendly and quite easy to recognise which menu clubs with other sub-menus. The quick menu on the right of the screen gives users quick access to the common menus. The quick menu can be dragged and dropped to the main screen/home screen. The photo gallery is a lot of fun as the phone recognises which side it is tilted when viewing in landscape mode. The absense of QWERTY Keyboard is a little disappointing.

  • 3.0 Megapixel Camera with Smile Detection
  • 2.8 inch Touch Screen
  • TouchWiz User Interface

S5603 Camera Performance

The 3.0 megapixel camera is pretty standard, though the viewfinder quality is quite nice and clear. It can shoot 9 consecutive shots with a single click. The Paranorma feature can stitch upto 6 frames. The Smile Detection feature also comes in handy. There are 6 scene modes including text mode, where users can capture pictures of mewspapers and magazines for a clearer view of the text. The max resolution can be set to 2048×1536. Videos can be shot at 15 frames per second with a 320×240 resolution. Pictures can be added to the phonebook for photo contacts.

Overall, the camera’s performance is one the best among all the 3.0 megapixel camera phones. Sometimes though the LED flash spoils the image due to over exposure, but it also comes less battery as compared to the Xenon Flash.

Entertainment Features

The Samsung Star 3G S5603 is a full fledged media box with enough storage due to the expandable MicroSD card. Its FM reception is pretty good, though at higher frequencies sometimes there is are a lot of disturbances. The voice recording is also quite good.

For the game lovers, the phone is loaded with games like Tumbling Dice, Party Bubble Popper, Crazy Penguine, Pyramidbloxx and Monopoly World. These games are entirely based on motion and touch detection. Though most of the games are only trial versions. I really think big mobile manufacturing companies should load their phone with full version games.

Making Connections

The Samsung S5603 has nice connectivity features. Its Bluetooth pairing with other devices is exceptionally fast. The GPRS, HSDPA and EDGE features give the device an advantage over many other phones in the same range. The FM receiver as we mentioned is very good at lower frequencies and quite good at higher. The 3G enabled tag is an added advantage, however, the absense of Wi-Fi is a big drawback. One other thing which we checked was how the Google Maps work on it, and it was just about perfect.

Overall we can say that the Samsung Star 3G S5603 is a feature packed phone alongwith with sleek  looks and performance. The talktime backup battery time might be a disadvantage but at around Rs. 14000 ($290) its a good buy. It would get good competition from the likes of HTC Touch Viva and the LG’s Cookie.

Look here for Samsung Star 3G Specifications.



  2. Regret buying the phone………
    Camera like Shit cannot shake a bit pics blur
    Audio speaker also shit……….
    PPT PDF WORDS all out of shape……big size file SORRY cant read
    FORGET about the phone

  3. Hey suicidal tenencies,

    Do u really mean it? i was thinking of buying this phone…..Is it really as bad as u make it out to be??Please mail me in detail if possible. Email is

    I read some reviews where they said that it was quite a good phone….Plzz reply….Thank u

  4. This was my worst experience ever buying this phone, worst hearpiece, worst sound quality, worst fm receiver, worst battery backup i really appreciate if u go for a b-grade mobile instead of investing a lot of money on this stupid model. I bought this mobile last month and its now in the samsung service center.

  5. good phone almost identicl to apple touch some how i like it and feel good about buying it only thin missing is it should have full version of games atleast 3ofr 4 of them and also when you need to save a message first you have to save to phone then i accepts to the folder we have created (the only Hitch)

  6. It is good mobile with affordable price in India. Some great features it has like all kind of music, video and photo extension support.Music quality is quit good. I have purchased it just 2 months ago and I am still die hard fan of it. I am impressed with the looks, it seems to me as iphone. Before buying this phone, I was quit afraid about the touch sensor. But now I am pleased customer being a Samsung user.

  7. hey plz nybdy can advise me to buy which phone out of these three phones –samsung star, samsung star 3g , samsung f480..

  8. pls tell me from which site i can download free mobile game for my mobile samsung star 3G.pls send me information as eairly as possible.

  9. I got screen touch error within 10 days on my brand new samsung star phone. i am a businessman so phone is very important i am not able to give phone to service center for some days and i don’t have any alternate phone. i did a very big mistake to buy this phone..

    i think nokia 1100 performance is good any other costly mobile. i am the new customer of samsung so very worst experience with samsung i thing we should not go for the samsung products..


  10. hey SUICIDALtendencies if you want all those features in ur phone then spend some more money like 35000. no doubt samsung star is an awsome phone in this price

  11. hi i am not geting game can u tell me which type file are supported to this mobile. jar rar jad please solve the problem.

  12. iam going to buy this phone please provide me more info on this should i buy this or i should buy sony sriccson c510i plzz help me out here…!!

  13. hi I m going to buy a cell actualy I want 2 buy samsung s5603 star 3g but I ve no experience of touch screen . tell me drawbacks of this cell.

  14. Is the Samsung star and the samsung star the same thing ??
    ive heard that the camera is good and that the FM radio isnt that bad! The Battery would last longer if u didnt go on the internet or anything cuz that would waste power on it. Thanks Please email me bak before the 29th of october ! I also think that people sayin the phone isnt any good is because they have had better phonse and there isnt really and difference

  15. Hey I am completely happy with the phone.looks wise this set is good.connectivity with the pc is good.Its easy to transfer the music or photos to the phone.Touch sensitivity is good.So overall this set is the value for money.

  16. The phone has a good look nice feel when you look at it.
    when you use it for the first time its fast and menu opens in a fraction of sec. But, dont buy Star 3G and Star. After a week use your phone will slow down. you need to wait for at least 2 sec to see the main menu when you click on it. when you are on call, you cannot open main menu, read sms which is receieved at that time, cannot see missed calls when you are on call. basically cannot do anything when you are on call other than opening phone book. also, only 200 sms can store in mem card where in the spec says 500. The Camera. I took some pics and they are all jumbled. not sure how, in a single pic, the scenery were jubmled. more over, for the first 3 – 5 sec when you receive a call a the phone is ringin, you will hear very low sound of the ring tone then it would boost up to the actual volume. even if you didnt set the phone in increasing ring tone.

    Nice phone to have it a show case, bad phone to be in pocket.

  17. je veux acheter le telephone portable samsug 5603.Détaillez caracteristiques pour m’engager et faites moi voir ce portable ( de touts les côtés et ouvert aussi ) et merci d’avance


  19. I think samsung star is best phone for it’s class. We can’t hope many things to any cellphone at this price ranged, but samsung star give us more benefit than other phone at this class. Here’s about some issues that ppl complain.
    Most ppl complain about it because its hard to focus. We can,t hope for best performance camera like sony cybershot but at least we can adjust the scene to sports mode. I use sports scene for better focus and its work good for moving object. More benefit, this phone has better video quality, compare to any phone at its class, check it!

  20. Speakerphone is worse than samsung corby, but i use eksternal speaker for better performance. Why depends on internal speaker for hear good music if we can have more sound quality by using eksternal speaker? 😀 …… and buy eksternal speaker is cheap…. i swear….

  21. The touchscreen still work perfectly till now (35 days). Error like Prakash experience is rare case, isn’t he use the phone properly? Some case happen when the handset had hard collide or water exposure. Just bring it to samsung service centre. All new cellphone has its warranty for long enough until we boring with that cellphone and want to buy new one again.

  22. Hi

    I bought this phone a month back. Cam is good. Screen resolution is good. Touch screen is great.

    One big disadvantage I found is, you can’t goto main menu when you are in a call. So you can’t goto calendar, or play a music file when you are in call.

    Good luck!!

  23. Hi Please suggest me as to how we can download free games, wallpapers, screensavers etc into Samsung star 3G – GT S 5603.

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