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Micromax Andro A60 Preview

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The Indian mobile market has seen a deluge of smartphones of late. There are big players like Samsung and Nokia as well as newbies like Spice and Videocon. Micromax has been a late starter in this segment but it hopes to put its competitors several miles behind with its new Android smartphone, the A60. In the last few months, Micromax has emerged a challenger to most mobile brands in India. The friendliness of Micromax mobile with price conscious buyers and loads of features have helped this homegrown mobile company eat into the shares of heavyweights like Nokia and Samsung. It remains to be seen whether the A60 keeps its reputation as a serious contender intact in the smartphone market as well.

On November 27, Micromax showed off its Android A6 Andro phone at a special bloggers event in Delhi. Take a sneak peek into the looks and specs of this new Google android phone from Micromax.

The A60 is the first of Micromax mobile phones to be run on the Android platform. It is powered by the Android 2.1 Eclair OS. The phone is loaded with a 600 MHz CPU paired with 150 MB onboard memory which can be expanded to as high as 32 GB. That means an entire collection of songs and videos for most average buyers. You are going to need the microSD cards to keep your onboard memory clean for apps. Yup, the Andro cannot install applications on your memory card which means you cannot use too many apps on it.

The phone comes with a 2.8 inch, 320×240 pixel Touch Screen display which is what most budget smartphones offer these days. The front keys include standard buttons like Home, Back and Centre key. But the Andro falls short with its resistive display which is unlike the capacitive screen you can see in other affordable smartphones.

Battery performance is not too great either. With only 4 hours of actual talk time and 10 days of standby time, the 1280 mAh Li-Ion battery of the Andro A6 is outshined by other smartphones in the market.

Wait however! While you dismiss this baby as a loser, know what it has got to offer. There is 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless support. GPS navigation is possible with the inbuilt Google Maps and comes with voice assistance. The Andro promises speeds of up to 5.76 Mb in HSDPA and 7.2 Mbps in HSUPA. There are also standard SMS and MMS features for quick connectivity. Swype and Video streaming are available as well to provide you with a complete smartphone experience.

There is Accelerometer and Gravity Sensor to let you enjoy Android based games with ease.

The sleek 106.8 X 59.2 chassis is a little thick at 14 mm, though that will not possibly come in the way if easy grip over the phone. At 105 gms, it is leaner than most smart mobiles and even many of the new Micromax mobiles it is going to share shelf space with. The phone sports a unique form factor with a tapering down structure that comes as a change from the usual smartphone shapes you see these days.

The Andro A6 Multimedia features seem rich as well. There is a 3.2 MP camera at the back that offers Auto-focus and Zoom and allows capturing sharp videos and images. There is also a video and audio player and a radio for FM station lovers.

In all probability, the Andro A6 will be a Micromax Dual Sim mobile.

Micromax mobile rates have always been pocket-friendly. The Andro A6 Micromax price in India is only Rs. 8,000. The price tag possibly makes Micromax Andro A6 the cheapest smartphone in the Indian market today. The Samsung Galaxy 5 comes at around the same price but falls short with its features. This is probably going to create a benchmark in low android price in India.

The Andro A6 is accompanied with standard accessories like charger, headset and a manual for beginners.

Conclusion? High-end mobile phone users may not love it too much, but the average Joes who find it difficult to buy a pricey smartphone is sure going to lap it up for sure. The unbelievable Andro A6 Micromax mobile price is going to make it a winner despite its many minuses.

At present, Micromax stands as the third largest vendor of mobile phones in India. Micromax cell phones have become highly popular with young buyers looking for budget mobile phones.

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