Track your Income and Expense With iCompta

With the help of iCompta you can easily manage all your finances. iCompta is a freeware utility for MAC which will help you to manage all your personal accounts. You can create multiple accounts and each account can have different currencies. There is also a browser embedded into the application which will be very useful for online banking. With the help of iCompta you can easily track all your income and expenses on a periodic basis.


With the help of iCompta you can sort and filter all the data to create statistics on your income and expenses. You can also create graphs which will help you to analyze the data. You can even export the data into CSV, QIF and OFX formats. It also supports iPhone synchronization with a wireless network via Bonjour. Moreover iCompta documents can be encrypted with a password for additional security.

Download iCompta for MAC OS X 10.5 or MAC OS X 10.4

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