iWeb SEO Tool – Optimize Your iWeb Websites

If you are having a iWeb based website then you can optimize it for the search engines by using iWeb SEO Tool. You can easily optimize your iWeb websites with iWeb SEO Tool without touching the HTML code. RAGE iWeb SEO Tool makes it easier to get more visitors to your site from the search engines.

iWeb SEO Tool - Optimize Your iWeb Websites

With RAGE iWeb SEO Tool you can quickly and easily make your iWeb based websites for search engines to index easily. This will help you to rank top on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Whether you use Apple’s MobileMe or your own web hosting, RAGE iWeb SEO Tool will automatically publish your search engine friendly website to your server.

RAGE iWeb SEO Tool will help you to easily add Title tags, Meta Data and other things to improve search engine rankings. You can open your iWeb websites directly from your iDisk. You can quickly publish your optimized website directly to your FTP server or iDisk from iWeb SEO Tool itself.

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  1. @Raju

    iWeb is a tool for MAC which will help you to easily design websites and upload them to a server… With iWeb you can easily create your site using themes and then customize it with photos, movies, text, and widgets…

    More info at Apple Site

  2. I have downloaded the iWeb SEO Tool to optimize searches, but cannot get the tool to do anything. How do I open my sites directly from iDisk? Please be specific, as I have not found any kind of tutorial to walk through opening and changing any title tags or meta tags. There is a great display of screenshots, but no details, specifics!

    Don’t just tell me how great something is, TELL ME HOW TO USE IT!

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