Ivory – Solitaire Tile Matching Game for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux

Mahjongg is a hot pick game mainly for those who enjoy and make most of the time playing small games. Ivory is one such miscellaneous 3D game which is available for free. It is basically a solitaire tile matching game. It comes with a very good collection of themes with decent graphics that gives a new look for every other theme. Title sets that are provided are very good and gives you a rich look of playing a high end designed game.

So if you are an addict of Mahjongg and other similar small and funny games then this is a best option for you. This version of the game is for MAC OS X, Windows 2000, XP, or Vista and Linux. The graphics are appropriate and gives you serious mood for playing the game. Ivory is a very small sized application so you will really have a lot of fun with it.

Download for Mac OS
Download for Windows (with Java included)
Download for Windows (without Java included)
Download for Linux

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