Download Perian – Open Source QuickTime Component With Multiple Media Support

Yet another free plugin for QuickTime, Perian 1.1.1 is a cool MAC OS X based plugin with support for a wider range of Video and Audio file formats. This makes the Quick Time work for you as full fledged application to run almost all the video and Audio formats. I think you might have often come across an alert saying that you need a codec to run it for you when you are trying to play your favorite Movie or a Music track. This can be resolved by the use of Perian. And the good thing is that Perian is free and open source plugin.

I am sure you will see no such pop up coming up whenever you try to run a video file with a rare extension. This can be used as a codec for QuickTime, Niceplayer, QTAmateur and many other players of its kind. It is compatible with Leopard and the upgrade gives you support for many other formats. The list of supported formats is so huge that you definitely need no other player to serve your need in any case.

You name any codec and you have with Perian whether it is audio or a video based format. Infact some of the file formats that it can read are not even heard by me. So next time when you are planning to bring some videos from your friends do it without a second thought whether it does support the player or not if you have Perian installed.

The following are the list of file formats it supports.

  • DivX, A52Codec, AAC, AC3 Audio, AC3 Audio Using A52Codec,
  • AVI, DivX, DosBox Video, DTS, DTS Coherent Acoustics Audio,
  • FFVhuff, Flash ADPCM, Flash Audio, Flash Screen Video, FLV,
  • FLV/Sorenson Spark, FLV1, Fraps1, Fraps2, Fraps3, Fraps4,
  • FSV1, H.264, H263I, HuffYUV, Liba52l, Libavformat, Libmatroska,
  • Matroska, Matroska-QT, MKV, MKV File Format, MP1,
  • MPEG Layer I And II Audio, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG3, MPEG4,
  • MS-MPEG4, Nellymoser ASAO Audio, NUV, SAMI,
  • Snow Wavelet Video, Sorenson H.263, SRT, SubStation Alpha,
  • TrueAudio, Truemotion VP6, VBR MP3, VP3, VP6,
  • Windows Audio v1 And v2, Xiph Vorbis, Xvid.

In addition to this huge list it can read many other rarely found file extensions.

Download Perian 1.1.1

Download Perian 1.1.1 installer for the AppleTV

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