Cabos – Open Source Gnutella File sharing program

Cabos is a free and open source Gnutella File sharing program. It is mainly based on LimeWire and Acquisition. Cabos provides simple to use interface with no adwares and spywares. It looks similar to LimeWire but it lacks the features like chat and library. Cabos features Firewall to Firewall transfers, proxy transfers, IP2Country support, UPnP support, iTunes and iPod Integration, “What’s New?” searches and many more.

Cabos - Open Source Gnutella File sharing program

You can easily organize your files based on File name, Artist, Album and many others. You can easily tweak with the network settings to get a better performance. You can even customize the Bandwidth limit if you have a limited bandwidth Connection. Even you can use a private IP address if you have one.

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