Install a Fresh Copy of Ubuntu without Losing your Current Program Settings

This article will let you know how to install and run the Ubuntu Linux in a simpler way without loosing any of your previous configuration and program settings. You will now be able to save the programs and applications whenever you go for installing a new Ubuntu version or copy on your system.

Install a Fresh Copy of Ubuntu without Losing your Current Program Settings

First you need to take a backup of your Configuration files. To do that just copy your /home preferably onto a drive or an external storage device. The most reliable kind of devices must be used for any backup. Remember that you do not forget to even retain and backup the hidden files.

Then while dealing with applications initially prepare a list of applications that are installed in the OS.

“Sudo dpkg-get-selection > /home/user/package.selections”

Never ignore or forgot to include package.selections too while doing backup. /etc/apt/sources.list must also be stored as backup since this file includes some additional details of the sources.

Once done with all these instructions go for an installation of the fresh copy.

Now to restore the file package and other selections must be copied to the home. Followed by sources.list to /etc/apt/ then update it.

Now do a

“sudo apt-get update”

and then

“sudo dpkg –set-selections /home/package.selections && apt-get dselect-upgrade”

must be then invoked. This will start the download of the apps.

backup-ed /home must be copied on to the present working /home. Take care of the hidden files even here. You have to now logout then login to experience the new copy of the OS.


  1. It’s even easier if you have /home on a separate partition. It saves you from worrying about file transfer or hidden files, not to mention time or disk space. It can also be useful if the system gets destroyed- you can just reinstall the system separately and have things back to normal immediately.

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