Use Your Apple iPhone for Live Video Broadcasting

Recently the first ever live video broadcast was demonstrated by Flixwagon from a jailbroken iPhone.
Ken from Flixwagon announced that they had officially launched their iPhone application to the public. Flixwagon, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based company developed a tool for live video broadcasting to the Web via smart phones. Earlier a free downloadable application for video broadcasting was launched for the Symbian mobile operating system that was used largely by Nokia smartphones such as the N95. MTV deployed 23 street reporters with Flixwagon-enabled phones for reporting and thus became its biggest customer.

On Flixwagon, clips can be uploaded to a public or private page and they can also be posted to YouTube, or an announcement can be send to your Twitter account. The developers of Flixwagon using the iPhone’s non-video recording camera have managed to bring live video broadcasting feature, this is a unique feature of the iPhone application.

Features of the alpha version of Flixwagon:
• Sign-up expressed.
• Edit video details on the fly.
• Directly set Sharing preferences from the iPhone.
• Video quality settings can be set.

The alpha version of the native iPhone application is presently only available for iPhone users using jailbroken iPhone firmware 1.1.4 or older. In future it is planned by Flixwagon to release their native iPhone application for iPhone firmware 2.0.

Installation can be done by using the Installer application on your jailbroken iPhone. The Installer application can be launched from the jailbroken iPhone’s home screen, go to the ‘Sources’ tab, tap ‘Edit’ on the top right, then ‘Add’ on the top left, the following URL is to be typed:, and then tap “Done”. Then tap the ‘Install’ tab, the new Flixwagon folder is located, and the installation instructions are followed. You can view the new Flixwagon icon on returning to the home screen. Flixwagon had to take the jailbroken iPhone applications route to bring their application to iPhone users as Apple does not support the native video on the iPhone,. Flixwagon’s rival, Qik too has released their native iPhone application for iPhone to public.

An update was recently received from Ken from Flixwagon which stated that their iPhone app for jailbroken iPhone or iPhone 3G running firmware 2.0.1 was officially open to all iPhone users. This meant that their native iPhone application would now work with all iPhone firmwares.

Follow the instructions given below incase you do intend to install this on your jailbroken iPhone or iPhone 3G running firmware 2.0.1: An ‘opened’ iPhone with either Cydia or Installer, to install will be required. Making sure that all the versions and resources are up-to-date Cydia or Installer has to be opened, and then from the multimedia folder (under ‘Sections’ in Cydia, or ‘Categories’ in Installer 4. You can also find it under the iSpazio directory). Flixwagon is installed.

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