Play Multi-Player iPong Game on your Apple iPhone

The video of iPong, a multi-player iPhone game was developed by a couple of Japanese researchers.
Pong is a video game which was released originally as a coin-operated arcade game by Atari Inc. Pong is a game based on the sport of table tennis (or “ping pong”), and is named after the sound generated by the circuitry when the ball is hit.

This first generation video game for the iPhone was developed with multi-player capability apparently in one hour. The ball travels between different iPhones over Wi-Fi. The demo video shows three guys playing the game over Wi-Fi on their iPod-Touches (probably because the iPhone is still not available in Japan).

Not much information is available about the game except for a video clip of the demo game:

Dan Frommer over at Silicon Alley Insider is spot on when he says:

“This looks like a lot of fun, and — more importantly — we actually know people with iPhones that we’ll be able to play against. Which is why Apple could succeed where Microsoft’s Zune tried and failed — getting people to do stuff with their gadgets besides hiding them in their pockets.”

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