Top 5 Gadget Toys For Your Kids

Everyone, grown up or kids, loves gadgets. Why not? They do many useful things in a handy way. Let me introduce to you some of the best toy gadgets today. Here is a list and description of top 5 toy gadgets. Check them.

1. Mecanno’s Spykee Spy Robot

Mecanno’s Spykee Spy Robot

The name itself says what can be the gadget. It is a hi-tech robot that can move, see, hear and even can speak apart from taking pictures and making videos. The best thing of this gadget is that it can be controlled from anywhere in the world through internet. It also has a wireless so that it can be operated easily when at home. This spy robot can be best used as a surveillance camera. This spy robot is also equipped with a motion sensor and it can be easily programmed to email captured picture if something moves in front of it.

Price Tag: $299.99

2. Ducati Desmosedici RIC Bike

ducati demosedici rc bike

The name may not sound interesting but the gadget is really cool. It is a remote controlled motorcycle. It is a 1/12 scaled down version of Ducati’s 2007 MotoGP World Championship winning bike.

Features of the bike:

  • Revolutionary weight-shifting
  • Knee-on-the-tarmac rider
  • Spring suspension
  • Digital proportional steering
  • Speed control
  • Throttle-rate selector
  • Steering-trim-system
  • Rechargeable via a 4.8V Ni-MH battery

3. Remote Control Tarantuta

remote control tarantula spider

This gadget has a perfect creeping motion. It has eight independently powered legs through which it creeps anywhere within a range of eight meters of the remote. It is a perfect gift for any kid to panic others just for fun.

4. USB Circus Cannon

usb canon

If shooting game keeps your kid engaged then this is a perfect gadget. It is USB powered and shoots foam missiles up to 10-15 feet range. It also has a pretty cool sound effect while when it shoots. It comes with a PC software.

Price Tag: $28.95

5. Tandemz-1 Micro Chopper


This gadget is the first twin-rotor micro chopper of the world. Not only this, it comes with the transmitter and it is more addictive than any other gameplay. This chopper has a sophisticated gyroscopic mechanism along with unique tilting rotors for additional control. Please don’t gift it to children below 15 years of age.

Things changes all the time and so the utility of gadgets. Next time we will come back with some more interesting top ranking gadgets for your kids. Till then do keep reading other sections and do comment on stories you like.


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