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Slax Portable Linux – Boot From USB, CD, MP3 Player, HDD or Camera

Written By Samrat| 6 October 2008| 15 Comments
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Slax is a Linux operating system that is basically a Slackware based and you can have it running on a LiveCD or boot it from a USB or directly from the RAM. One good thing about it is that it comes packed with a full range of applications pre-installed with it. Of course small in size and you can customize it as you like. This USB bootable Linux enables to have desktop based environment for you no matter wherever you go. Any system that allows you to boot from USB can have it running Slax for you. So you can run Slax right from your CD/DVD, USB Drive, MP3 Player or even from a Camera.

So at a step away you have got some good applications like word processor, email application for you along with many other features of an operating system. The interesting thing that attracts your attention is bootable Linux rather than any other thing like LiveCD. Most of the builds of Linux have support for LiveCD and USB based bootable versions of OS. There are few things that makes Slax a step ahead of them. One such thing is easy installation on USB. All you have to do is just decompress the TAR file and run the executable file to have the Linux on it for you.

It is very simple than any other bootable Linux I had ever used. With a size of 188 MB Slax is a surprising innovation for no trade off of size and you can have it on 1GB USB drive like I had one. With rich features and high customizability the look and feel is good with many applications that come built-in with Slax.

Slax modules

  • artwork – gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme
  • Games – Fishie Fishie, Crack Attack 1.1.14, PiX Frogger 1.0, ChildsPlay 0.90.1, LTris 1.0.11
  • network – Transmission 1.11, ZoIPer 2.02, Telnet 1.5, ELinks 0.11, FireFox, Google Earth 4.3, nmap 4.60, Skype, LFTP+FTP Pack, Grsync 0.6, Linux DC++, kmess 1.5
  • develop – Python 2.5.2, KompoZer 0.7.10
  • console – John the Ripper, Telnet 1.5, debian package tools (dpkg), htop 0.7
  • editors – Vim 7.1, KompoZer 0.7.10
  • libraries – Python 2.5.2, Hamlib 1.2.7, CairoMM 1.4.8
  • graphics – Gqview 2.1.5, Gpicview 0.1.9
  • education – ChildsPlay 0.90.1
  • multimedia – Binary codecs for MPlayer
  • system – gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme, Trash on desktop 0.2
  • utilities – Krusader 1.90.0, ISO Master, LFTP+FTP Pack, Grsync 0.6

Download Slax for CD

Download Slax for USB


  • TechZoomIn said:

    Good stuff yar….keep rocking dude.

  • Samrat said:


    Thank you very much…

  • Ajith Edassery said:

    Correct me if I am wrong, I thought even Ubuntu is bootable from any directory of devices right? I mean, they are all copy-paste installation now.

    Nice post anyway…

    PS: I am not a Linux fan or expert, but I hear that Ubuntu rocks!

  • Chetan said:

    Seems great Linux flavor
    I will try it soon 🙂

  • Nihar said:

    Thanks for this info. I will try using it on my Windows XP SP3 Laptop.

  • Rishi said:

    You can do that by Qemu hardware emulation and yes, Ubuntu simply rocks.

    Slax is also a great distro. Thanks for the share pal.

  • Abhishek said:

    Another great flavour of linux. Windows should learn some thing from Linux flavours.

  • TechZoomIn said:

    Good logo dude.

  • Rakesh said:

    I tried it today and is very good.. Nice article sir!!

  • Nihar said:

    Great set of applications are packed in this Linux. Thanks for the info

  • kumar said:

    Sir this helped me lot.. Thanks sir….

  • tech dude said:

    currently i have it in my usb…
    It looks decent

  • Olegz said:

    nice tutorial. Recently i bought a new OCZ Rally2 8Gb pendrive and now will download in and test

  • Иван Сычев said:

    Читал про это уже на каком то другом сайте, но у вас намного интересней написано 😉

  • Роман Паршин said:

    Waiting for may new USB to arrive , will check this one first.
    We’ll see what my old corporate Dell is capable of:)

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