Download WinRAR, Google Maps & Windows Live Messenger for Nokia 5800 & N97

Here are some of the applications that I had installed recently on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile. I installed WinRAR, Google Maps, Windows Live Messenger and some others.

WinRAR is useful to open RAR and ZIP files directly on your mobile.
Google maps can be used to find new locations and others things easily.
Windows Live Messenger will help you to chat with your friends from your mobile.

WinRAR for Nokia 5800 and N97


WinRAR is a simple application for your Nokia S60 5th edition mobiles like 5800 or N97, which can be used to open .rar and .zip files in your mobile. WinRAR for mobile will be very useful when you need to open a zipped attachment that you have got in an email. This will also be useful when you need to unzip some themes or applications directly on your mobile. WinRAR reads ZIP & RAR archives, you can extract the files from existing archives or you can create new archives. I installed it on my Nokia 5800 and it works fine.

Google Maps for Nokia S60 5th Edition Mobiles

Google maps for Mobile is one of the application which I found to be very useful. The latest upgraded version works pretty good for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. You can utilize the touch screen capability of your Nokia 5800 to view the streets on the large screen. It’s really a good experience when you move around the locations by using the touch screen. The Google Maps with Street Views looks very good. You can also visit from your mobile to download the application.

Features of Google Maps

  • You can see your location on a map, even if you do not have a GPS.
  • Search for any business listings, hotels, coffee shops etc.
  • You can easily get your driving directions.
  • Get routes and schedules to travel via subway, bus, or on foot.
  • View street-level imagery of businesses and turns in directions.
  • Real-time traffic helps you find the fastest route.

Windows Live Messenger for Nokia 5800 & Nokia N97 (S60v5) Mobile Phones


The latest version of Windows Live Messenger is compatible with Nokia S60v5 mobiles like Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97. You can easily chat with your Windows Live or MSN friends and you can also check your Windows Live Hotmail emails. You can send instant voice messages and emoticons, share stored photos with your online friends. The max length of each voice message is 30 seconds and you can send jpg, gif, bmp and png images.


  1. I just wonder what name I should call for this mobile device. We couldn’t tell mobile device is PC and PC (notebook) is not mobile device. Both of them almost do the same thing.

  2. תגידו אבל מפעילים את זה מה פשוט שמים את הקבצי בעזרת כבל usb ומכניסים ל nokia?

  3. ne dela live mesenger na nokia 5800..napiše mi “Not Allow Login” zasledil sem tudi na tujih forumih,da imajo isti problem ali rešitve nisem najdu….prosim za pomoč…po mojem misljenju je napaka na samem programu.

  4. hola qtal…
    panas necesito saber si esta la aplicacion wuindows live para nokia 5310 xpress music…
    les agradesco sus respuestas

  5. ich habe zwar den messenger auf meinem handy geladen aber ich kann mich nicht anmelden da steht jedes mal CAN NOT ALLOW LOGIN woran liegt das ofer was mache ich falsch
    Ich bedanke mich jetzt schon für die info

  6. hi i am having a problem everytime i try to install any application i am getting an error for expired certificate … and i aslo tried downloading the appications from your links above and the same thing expired certificate … i have tried changing the App settings by Software installation to ALL and Online certificate check OFF and also changing the dates . still does not work please help ……….

  7. thx alot for the apps but i cnt get google maps and messenger live to work on my fone it cnt b installed for some reason ay idea y??


  9. Hi, i installed the windows live messenger on my nokia 5800 but it cannot login. It pop up, cannot login or is not allow to login! Can I know why? Any ways to fix it?

  10. hello
    nice apps
    i just had used one but they are really nice
    and keep on rocking for the new tools for Nokia 5800XM
    i’ll be waiting

  11. yes windows live messenger is installed on my nokia n97 it just wont allow me to sign in its saying.. Connection to server failed plz try again later anyone know why? Im on t-mobile network.. Thanks in advance 🙂

  12. thanx for the file links they r great……can anyone help me out i want sky force reloaded can anyone tell me from were i can get the full version for free for nokia5800……i’ll b waiting for the reply

  13. Hey Samarat,

    I have just downloaded the WINRAR application. But I am not sure whether this will open in my Nokia 5800. I had problems opening the .rar files before. Please do let me know how to install it in my phone.

  14. i have lost the display of maps in my nokia 5800. when i open the gps map view option there is no display of maps. it just shows the white blank page. so how can u help me?

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